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Offering a wide range of quality products like U Cut / Vest Bag and D Cut Bags.

Welcome to Treeware

MGL Carry Pack Pvt. Ltd. are importers of environmentally friendly tableware and packaging products under the Brand Name “ Treeware “ . Our products are eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and are made up of renewable biomass pulp. The product range includes tableware and cutlery with unique properties of microwave safe , deep freezer safe, oil resistant , water resistant , heat resistant etc.Our products have received the highest safety, environmental and process approval as well as international acclaim including FDA, BRC, BPI.

Biodegradable Tableware

  • Biodegradable Tableware
  • Biodegradable Cutlery

Our Goals

  • Raise public awareness about the unbalanced state of our world, specifically environmental destruction and growing social and economic disparities through our media events.
  • Raise awareness of individuals as "global citizens" and the impact of individuals choices and actions on the well-being and health of the earths people and environment.
  • Participate in the creation of self-reliant community networks and sustainable and equitable businesses providing viable alternatives to the market based material culture.

Products We Make

  • The Raw Material: Sugarcane-bagasse

Treeware products are made from heat moulding of Biomass pulp which was waste and discarded or burned previously. Now this natural fiber gets moulded into a variety of attractive tableware and food packaging products,reducing both waste and pollution.

  • Renewable and Sustainable

Biomass pulp is a non-food renewable resource, yielding new harvests annually. It is 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Product Characteristics

  • Water Resistant up to 100C / 212F
  • Oil Barrier and Resistance up to 120C / 248F
  • 100% compostable/biodegradable
  • Safe for use in Microwave,Freezer and Oven
  • Non-toxic,healthy and sanitary to use
  • Stackable, smooth and strong

Sustainability & Environment

Consumers and leading businesses like you are seeking to reduce their environmental foot print. They want to consume less, but they also want to consumer smarter. The design and quality of Treeware tableware and food packaging delivers both. The environmental credentials of this 100% annually renewable resource are impeccable and create a strong, supporting story for your brand and service. Contact us for more information on the environmental benefits of these products.

Disposal Options

Treeware products are certified as compostable and biodegradable. It already is a natural fiber, and does no harm to the environment in its current state. However, it will break down further and disappear into the soil through the effect of heat, humidity and microbial organisms. The rate of breakdown will vary with conditions in commercial, municipal or home compost systems.


When your customers dine on a Treeware plate, clamshell or food package, you can rest easy knowing the product was manufactured and packed with the highest quality and food safety standards. To maintain and measure these standards, we import from factories having implemented world-class systems processes and safeguards including:

  • Individual Inspection – Every single piece that is manufactured in the factories is individually inspected by metal detector to ensure there are no metal filament on the products.
  • Water/Oil Testing – The products are tested every 30 minutes in the laboratory to ensure they are meeting oil/water temperature resistance standards.
  • Ultra-Violet Ray Sterilization – Before entering the packaging room, every product must pass through ultra violet rays to ensure sterilization.
  • Lot Numbers – All of your products are shipped in packaging that displays a ‘Lot Number ‘ on the box. This allows you to trace every product back to the date, time, mold, and employee responsible for the production.